The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

This set was a real pleasure to work on since I have loved the lore and world of the books for a very long time.

Adventure Time 

The amazingly creative world of Adventure Time was a great set to contribute to. There's nothing like drawing these wild characters!

​Grimm Fairy Tales​

This set was a real treat to work on! Here are a few of my favorite pieces I got to contribute to it.

DC Comics Epic Battles

Working with characters including Batman, Harley Quinn, and John Constantine with this set really made it a milestone in my art career. I had a blast creating these pieces!

Sketch Cards

Also called ACEO or Art Cards (among other titles) are very small works of art typically 2.5inches x 4.5inches or roughly the size of a baseball card! These creations are favorites of collectors the world over and are a incredible amount of fun to draw. Small and easy to collect and trade ACEO's are a great way to own a one of a kind piece of artwork without having to dedicate much space to collect and/or display it!

Marvel Comics 75th Anniversary 

​I was fortunate enough to contribute some pieces to this amazing sketch card set! I had a great time working with these iconic characters. Here are a few of my favorite pieces.